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Our integrated engineering, manufacturing and logistics capabilities
enable us to provide one-stop, fast turnaround for:

       Re-engineering and updating of your existing designs
Co-design and co-development of new solutions    
Turnkey design & manufacture of solutions             
Contract manufacturing to your specifications        
Logistical support for your worldwide supply chain

RF welding (Cut and Seal) is easily adaptable to almost any textile composite.
The cutting and welding produced is both extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.
AccuMED offers full flame laminating capabilities in the USA and Dominican Republic. Flame lamination offers the added bonus of strong chemical free bio-compatible adhesion along with the ability to vary product thickness according to customer needs.

Complete product design, engineering services, rapid prototyping, supply chain management and logistics.
Full-service integrated manufacturing from concept to delivery.


Flame lamination - CNC Die cutting - Thermoforming - Ultrasonic welding - RF welding - Programmable sewing
Ultrasonic sewing - Inspection, packaging, testing, warehousing and logistics solutions - Product Development

AccuMED’s strong heritage is based in the development and production of breathable, stretchable composites
that touch the skin, including AccuMED’s proprietary composite material,
which breathes and wicks moisture away from the body and is both latex & adhesive free.
We have extensive design and fabrication experience in a wide variety of technical fabrics including materials such as Non-Wovens, Films, Circular Knits, Lycra’s, Nylon’s, Twill, and Unbroken Loop (UBL).
Our experienced team of engineers resolves challenging application issues and develops new solutions for the customer while our quality department ensures product excellence.